Journey to the Middle Ages

On September 27, a group of students from 6F and 6D with their class teachers attended an exciting lesson at the Narva Museum, dedicated to the era of the Crusader knights, who lived in our castle. The children learned how the life of knights was organized, what clothes they wore, how they protected themselves with helmets and chain mail. We tried on the visor, they tried to lift the chain mail, held the knight’s shield and sword. Also, the students were presented with a very fascinating presentation about various knightly castles in Europe; we looked at how and what they were built from in ancient times, because there was no modern technology then! And at the end of the lesson, all the boys were knighted! And they even issued a stamp document, which the guys filled out themselves with pen and ink (there were no pens then either!), and then they put a seal on sealing wax. It was very informative, and most importantly, everyone had fun! We advise everyone to visit the Narva Museum - it has become very modern and interactive. Vladislav Avramenko, class teacher 6 D class