About us

Narva Paju school is an educational institution, its main objective is providing primary and basic education. The school is unique in Ida-Virumaa county of Estonia: being a mainstream school Narva Paju school educates young people with disabilities (mental, physical, health) and fewer opportunities (learning, social, cultural, economic obstacles, some pupils live in remote rural communities, some pupils are from a migrant background).

The highlight of the school mission is teaching and inclusion of people belonging to national and ethnic minorities. The school provides pupils with knowledge about the histories, cultures, and contributions of diverse groups.

The school is developing special educational programmes within the framework of National Curriculum establishing conductive and supportive learning environments to focus on needs of children with cultural obstacles to prevent their nonachievement and nonengagement.

Paju school increases social stability in Narva city through provision prevocational education.

Running projects

  • eTwinning project “Making an international video” (17.12.2015-30.04.2016)
  • Erasmus+, Strategic partnership "Europe's Unique Regions - Our Personal Experience" 2015-2018
  • Youth in Action, Youth meetings "Minu väärtuslik elukeskkond" 25-29.01.2016, 29.02-04.2016, 06-10.06.2016, Nõva school, Estonia
  • U.S. Department of State “The English Access Microscholarship Program (Access)” (2015-2017) Narva, Estonia

Finished projects

  • Youth in Action, Youth meetings “What books talk about?” (22-24.03.2016) Tallinn, Estonia
  • HUKK-AP Huvikoolide Kaasamise ja Arenguprogramm
  • Youth in Action, youth training “Idee 45” (18-20.09.2015) Tallinn, Estonia
  • eTwinning Summer school (24-25.08.2015) Pärnu, Estonia
  • Youth in Action, Youth meetings "Multicultural communication" (15-19.08.2015) Hiijumaa, Estonia
  • Erasmus+, Youth Exchange “Nature Symphony” (1-10.08.2015) Romania
  • Erasmus+, Youth Exchange “Health in Action” (10-14.06.2015) Saaremaa, Estonia
  • Erasmus+, Youth work course “Cherry on the Cake”(16-23.06.2015) Bled, Slovenia
  • eTwinning project “Professional Development Workshop 'Talent based learning' for eTwinners, teachers in primary schools» ( 5-7.06.2015) Hasselt, Belgium
  • Erasmus+, Youth Exchange “United in craft and art” (28-31.04.2015) Romania
  • eTwinning multiproject "Tervisepäev meie koolis" (7.04.2015) Estonia
  • Erasmus+, youth training ”Formula 2” (27.02-01.03.2015) Pärnu, Estonia
  • Erasmus+, professionals involved in pre-primary, primary, or secondary school education
  • “Team-teaching at a bilingual school” (9.02-12.02.2015), Estonia
  • Erasmus+, Youth Training ”Idee 24” (10.01-11.01.2015) Tartu, Estonia
  • eTwinning project "Silent night project" (12.2014)
  • Erasmus+, Contact seminar “Strategic Partnerships Plus” (9-13.12.2014) Bucharest, Romania
  • Youth in Action, intensive training "Say YES to the international project" (10-12.2014) Narva, Estonia