Ah, a fabulous ball!

On October 19, the traditional Autumn Ball took place within the walls of the Paju School. This time it was dedicated to the fairy tales of H.H. Andersen. Connoisseurs of fairy tales and lovers of ancient dances from Pähklimäe School, Language Lyceum, Orthodox Gymnasium, Kesklinna School and Paju School were able to demonstrate on this day not only their knowledge of ballroom etiquette, but also their ability to easily and gracefully perform difficult dance steps. The ball began with a solemn polonaise, then the couples merrily twirled in the dating waltz, glided through the pas de patinière, and performed the Carousel march. And how many ballroom games there were! One of the tasks is to put together a puzzle - guess the characters of the fairy tale and what moment of the work is depicted in the picture. A fabulous atmosphere reigned in the hall that day. The young gentlemen were attentive, and the ladies were charming! The ball is over. The happy guests went home, hoping to attend the ball at Pai school again next year.