Issue 2024

On June 19, 29 students studying in different curricula received their first education document at Paju School.
Vice-Mayor of Narva Messurme Pisareva came to congratulate the graduates and their parents, to thank the teachers and school management.
It was a wonderful holiday! The children remembered with pleasure the school theater festivals, many competitions, city and school events in which they participated.
Farewell - graduation 2024!

The best teachers and students were honored in Paju school

On May 31, the traditional reception of the best students and teachers by the headmaster took place in Paju school.
Paju school pupils always take an active part in city and republican contests and quizzes. This year 28 children participated in such events and became prize-winners and winners.
But our pupils could not have achieved such results, if not for the hard work of teachers. Therefore, the teachers who prepared our participants also received gifts from sponsors.
And also this year in Paju school 38 good students and 5 excellent students!

From the school of the future to holiday cards

On May 17, the defense of creative works was held in Pai school. The topics presented this year were very interesting. Pupils from class 9a not only researched the problem of why children in the yards stopped playing mobile games, but also held lessons for elementary school pupils, where they introduced them to such games. Young men from the 9c class investigated human heart rhythm and how it changes after physical exercise. Veniamin Grigoriev from grade 7b was interested in the history of postcards and at the same time created his own collection.