Charity concert and Christmas market

Every year, the school's Dela Paju Student Council determines who will receive funds during the Charity Concert. This year there were a lot of ideas and it was difficult for the guys to decide. Then the idea arose to hold a school-wide vote. On November 21, teachers, students, and technical staff took part in the voting. As a result, out of four proposed ideas, the idea that won was to join the Narva Youth Center’s action and help the Päite loomapark zoo.
On December 6, the Paju school will host a traditional Christmas fair and a charity concert.

Congratulations on your victory!

On November 16, the city’s “Big Biology Games” took place for students in grades 8-9. Congratulations to the Pai school team, which took 1st place in this competition!
Our students answered all the questions and completed all the assignments! Well done!
Our team: Ksenia Gukova, Polina Glavatskaya, Alevtina Baranova, Alisa Kayava, Daniel Frolov, Albert Marchishin.
Varvashevich Andrey Viktorovich and Turaikevich Elena Nikolaevna, thank you for the excellent preparation of the team!

City poster competition on the theme "Green Transition"

On November 22, 2023, at Pähklimäe Gymnasium, the results of the city poster competition among 8th and 9th grade students in the city of Narva on the theme ROHEPÖÖRE (Green Transition) were summed up.
The competition was organized as part of the Republican Citizen's Day. The team of 9th grade students from our school performed successfully.
The guys prepared a presentation and 2 posters on the topic - ROHEPÖÖRE KOOLI.
The Paiu school team received a special Jury prize!
Congratulations to the 9th grade team on their successful performance!