Another trip with Kultuurisaadiku programm

This time, the students and teachers of the Paju School went to the capital – Tallinn. The trip was very eventful. We visited three museums at once: we learned about that. How they lived in the old days in Vabaõhumuuseum, met Nukuteatrimuuseumi and went down to the dungeons in Kiek in de Köki kindlustustemuuseum. It was a very exciting and educational journey!

Traditions of Mardipäev and Kadripäev

On November 23, a big traditional holiday dedicated to Mardipäev and Kadripäev was held at Paju school. Cheerful mummers walked around the school, sang songs and wished everyone a successful year, a good harvest and good health. And then, for students in grades 1-5, there was a station game prepared by Estonian language teachers. We played, danced, remembered the traditions of folk holidays and performed interesting tasks.

Traditions through the centuries

On November 24, the 6th city student conference of creative works was held in Narva Laste Loomemaja, organized by the Department of Culture of Narva.
The Payu school team also performed with honor at this event: Ksenia Gukova, Polina Glavatskaya, Ekaterina Zaretskaya, Elena Chasovskikh. They not only presented the costumes that in the old days girls wore for the New Year's Eve holiday, but also talked about the history and traditions of this holiday. We thank Irina Vladimirovna Alekseeva for the excellent preparation of the team!