Ecological "marathon"

This is the end of the amazing environmental marathon, which took place in Pai school as part of a project supported by the Environmental Investment Center (KIK). From November 14 to 21, 9 exciting master classes were held at the school, which were prepared and conducted by the head of the Center for Applied Ecology, Marina Jansen.
Every day our children learn something new. Primary school students learned how to make paints from natural ingredients, and then not only tried to paint different materials with them, but also created their own paintings.

Summed up

From October 31 to November 4, Paju School participated in the "Outdoor Learning Week" as part of the Liikuma Kutsuv Kool project. Many interesting lessons were held during this time. And yesterday we received a letter of thanks for participating in this action.
This time, 180 Estonian schools have decided to spend part of their lessons outside!
You can see the results of this week on the Padlet page.

Curiosity day

On November 17, Narva Paju School joined the initiative of the President of Estonia, Alar Karis, and held a Day of Curiosity.
Together with Marina Jansen, head of the Center for Applied Ecology, we learned how products affect our health, what are harmful and normal additives in chips and sweets, and learned how to recognize eco-labels.