Favorite Things Day

On February 3rd, Pai School hosted a "Favorite Things Day". Warm pajamas or your favorite robe, a beautiful seashell or a car made with your own hands, a sports uniform that brings good luck, a pillow, a toy, a warm blanket and slippers - all this cheers us up and gives us joy. The guys were happy to talk about their favorite things and share a good mood!

Day without backpacks

On January 27, a fun day was held at Payu school - the guys had to come to school without backpacks, but at the same time bring all their school supplies with them. And then a violent fantasy appeared - pillows, baskets, pet carriers, tool cases, etc. were used. The day turned out to be very fun. The most creative participants received diplomas!

Paju school participates in the "HUNT FOR FORMS FROM TEA CANDLES 2022/2023"

AS Kuusakoski is holding this promotion for the seventh time. This year Pai's school also joined the “hunt”. We invite our friends, students and parents to support this action. The goal of the campaign is to make the world around us cleaner, because aluminum does not decompose. In this way, we not only develop waste sorting skills, but we can also make a real contribution to protecting the environment.
Burnt-out aluminum molds from tealights can be brought to school until March 28.