Fairy Ball at Paju School

On October 19, a traditional city ball for pupils of 4-6 grades was held at the Payu school. This year it was dedicated to the anniversary of Charles Perrault. After a two-year break, students from six schools of the city gathered in our hall. How wonderful it is to once again plunge into the atmosphere of old balls, remember ballroom etiquette, learn old dances and ballroom games. Fairy fairy and her helpers made this holiday especially bright and interesting!

Teacher's Day

On October 5, according to tradition, the Dela Paju Council of the school met the teachers at the entrance to the school. This year, the students decided to make gifts in the form of origami butterflies to the teachers. So, with the gifts created by the hands of the members of the student self-government, Teacher's Day began at the Paju school.

Project E.C.H.O.

From 26 to 30 September teachers from Narva Paju School took part in the E.C.H.O. supported by Erasmus+ aiming to expand learning opportunities beyond the classroom. The project involves teachers and students from Italy, Spain, Poland and Estonia. This was the second meeting of teachers and students.