Project E.C.H.O.

From 26 to 30 September teachers from Narva Paju School took part in the E.C.H.O. supported by Erasmus+ aiming to expand learning opportunities beyond the classroom. The project involves teachers and students from Italy, Spain, Poland and Estonia. This was the second meeting of teachers and students.

Sports Week

On September 23, the Republican Sports Week, supported by the Estonian Olympic Committee, was launched at the school in Paju. On this day, all the teachers and students went on a hike. Each class had its own itinerary. Someone explored the sports grounds located on the promenade, someone went to the nature trails of Äkkeküla, someone went on a long hike. The day turned out to be joyful, bright, positive!

School Peace Signing

On September 23, the signing of the "School World" took place at the school-wide lineup
On the eve of the event, all classes prepared their signature drawings. This year, Kira Baglaeva, a 9th grade student, deputy chairman of the School Council of the Case, signed the contract on behalf of the students. The teachers were represented by the head teacher of the school Veronika Nikolaevna Markova. And the administration is the director of the school Oyamyae Olesya Mikhailovna.